Trust as Lifeline! / 信任!

(April 15, 2016 )

It's unfortunate that the real estate industry image is being tarnished due to misconduct by a certain few individuals. As a proud member of this industry, I know and work closely with many realtors. They are my colleagues. As realtors, our business practices are held to high professional standards.

Our clients know we will put their best interest first because they know that we understand the value of trust.Recent events in the news are a good reminder -- Trust is a realtor's lifeline. Trust is built on the bedrock of integrity and accountability. It takes years to build, but just  seconds to destroy.  Only those men and women who understand this will remain standing in this competitive industry.


這些負面新聞也給我們敲響警鐘 - 客戶,同行,及大眾的信任是地產經紀的救生索。這信任是以誠信及負責的態度為基礎,經過時間,一針一線來編織出來的。不過只需一把小刀,瞬間就可切斷它! 只有了解這點,戰戰兢兢的要求自身的人方可在這高度競爭的行業生存到最後。



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